Assignment 2 Feedback

Tutor feedback for Assignment 2 – ‘Collecting‘ below:


I am glad that my tutor thinks that this project has potential. There are potentially 3 or 4 threads I could expand on or distil from the images that I have taken to create a more meaningful body of work. As my tutor advises this may involve another station shoot to nail it.

She point to my difficulty with completing some exercises. I do find is hard sometimes to ‘marry up thought with deed‘ with regard to the given exercises. The problem children in this part of the unit involved people images, and my wife wasn’t willing to be my stooge! However these exercises are not forgotten and will be completed by the end of EYV.

I have tried to make it to OCA Study Visits and also some visits of my own. I still need to write up a couple of these up. I have also been going to the Thames Valley group meetings, and found them to be very inspiring and motivating.

My tutor is also right in that I should keep notebooks for ideas and potential projects. My handwriting is awful, but I will try and make a better effort to keep visual notes; doodles, drawings, mind maps, lists etc. These I can then scan or take pictures of to add to my Learning Log, along with some more reflective content as to how I feel and develop as I progress.

She was also kind enough to provided me with a very comprehensive reading list to help me further this project:

  • Many Are Called by Walker Evans
  • Compression Tokyo by Michael Wolf
  • Subway Commuters by Bruce Dickinson
  • Simon Terrill is an artist interested in crowd theory
  • Priests by Giacomelli
  • Non-Place by Marc Auge

I need to progress with Part three, but I will try my best to review and improve this project towards a more conclusive end. My camera club has its annual exhibition in May and I intend to submit a Theme Print Panel based on this project.


Assignment 1 Feedback

Tutor feedback for Assignment 1 – ‘Square Mile’ below:


So happy that my tutor thinks I have made a good start.

I do wish to have my work formally assessed as I plan to continue my studies towards the BA (Hons) Photography, so I would welcome any guidance that my tutor or any other fellow students may be able to provide.

I have read and absorbed all my tutor comments and advice, I will take these forward into the following assignments. I plan to keep an eye out in my ‘Square Mile’ to see if I can capture more complimentary images that can use to potentially rework this assignment into a more focused theme, to see if I can add the personal response that my tutor feels is absent from the images. I am not 100% sure how I will make this happen, but trying to adopt one of my tutors suggested themes may help to produce the desired result.

I will make the suggested changes to the R&R section of my learning blog, and I will try my best to utilise the Learning Log as the crucible for my creative ideas. However here lies my main problem. My background has been of a functional and technical nature for the majority of my life. My interest in photography has come to me late in life, and I have tried my best to attack the learning curve over the last three years. I believe I can produce a competent image, but I feel I lack a creative drive. I am hoping that this will develop and improve as this (and subsequent) course continue.

I welcome suggested reading, and I have bought ‘Behind the Image’ and will be working my way through it over the next few weeks. I also intend to read ‘Hotshoe’ as well as the ‘BJP’.

Going forward I am unsure how to incorporate my interests into my work. My love of photography is continually growing, but it lacks focus with regard to genre. Though I am drawn towards B&W, film noir and documentary photography. My other great love is board games, principally those with a strategic content, and I have amassed a great collection. Both my wife and I adore the gritty ‘Nordic Noir’ films and TV series. But I am unsure how to incorporate these interests into my work.