Assignment 2 Feedback

Tutor feedback for Assignment 2 – ‘Collecting‘ below:


I am glad that my tutor thinks that this project has potential. There are potentially 3 or 4 threads I could expand on or distil from the images that I have taken to create a more meaningful body of work. As my tutor advises this may involve another station shoot to nail it.

She point to my difficulty with completing some exercises. I do find is hard sometimes to ‘marry up thought with deed‘ with regard to the given exercises. The problem children in this part of the unit involved people images, and my wife wasn’t willing to be my stooge! However these exercises are not forgotten and will be completed by the end of EYV.

I have tried to make it to OCA Study Visits and also some visits of my own. I still need to write up a couple of these up. I have also been going to the Thames Valley group meetings, and found them to be very inspiring and motivating.

My tutor is also right in that I should keep notebooks for ideas and potential projects. My handwriting is awful, but I will try and make a better effort to keep visual notes; doodles, drawings, mind maps, lists etc. These I can then scan or take pictures of to add to my Learning Log, along with some more reflective content as to how I feel and develop as I progress.

She was also kind enough to provided me with a very comprehensive reading list to help me further this project:

  • Many Are Called by Walker Evans
  • Compression Tokyo by Michael Wolf
  • Subway Commuters by Bruce Dickinson
  • Simon Terrill is an artist interested in crowd theory
  • Priests by Giacomelli
  • Non-Place by Marc Auge

I need to progress with Part three, but I will try my best to review and improve this project towards a more conclusive end. My camera club has its annual exhibition in May and I intend to submit a Theme Print Panel based on this project.


The speed-bump of frustration!

Getting somewhat frustrated with work and in particular the weather interrupting and preventing me from being  able to get out to take my images for the “Square Mile” assignment. So I have made a  decision today to progress into the Part 1 exercises as I need to have a sense that I am achieving something and not wasting my time.

I am continuing looking for influence and inspiration online for this project and I have had some luck in finding some lovely documentary projects at the Amber Online website. I know in my head what I want to photograph it is just being able to get out and find it.

I live on what some people would consider the edge of the green belt. The Hart District has been vote the best area to live in the UK 5 years running. It is generally a well kept area and has no swathes of derelict buildings or much in the way of visible social issues (other than the occasional reports of vandalism, theft or anti-social behaviour).

I have been following local police and council incident reporting for several weeks to see if anything happening might be of interest or unusual, somewhat like Weegee listening in on the police radio transmissions. However most of the reported incidents (are for the most part viewed as an outsider) could be considered as trivial, such as; potholes, cracks in the pavement, overgrown hedges, fly tipping etc. Though I am in no way saying that the incidents are considered trivial to the people who are reporting them. Therefore I am on the lookout something different like: the distressed, the damaged, the unwanted and the out of place.

Initial thoughts and plans

I started to try and think in my head where the boundaries of the “Square Mile” would encompass, and what that area would contain. Some would be familiar and some not so. I then thought what the hell would I photograph! I did not grow up in this area and although living here for 15 years I have not walked around everywhere within a square mile of our home. So I have a bit of investigating to do. I think that a quick initial scouting trip around the unfamiliar areas might help. I know key points I would naturally think to gravitate towards: Train Station, Railway Crossing, The Common, Lakes & Ponds, Shops, Park, Roundabouts, Main Roads, Churches, River, Houses and their Gardens. But less sure about the people. What would make a set that would fit together as a panel that says something about my home area?

I then wrote down a rough plan of action.

  1. To look for a map centred on my home and work out the approximate boundaries (1/2 mile in any direction) of the target square. This will give me a better idea of where I need to go and what features would be available for me to photograph.
  2. Research practitioners and what their images and styles of photography convey for inspiration.
  3. Using the map plan a schedule to take the images. When would this be done? AM / PM, Duration of shoot? 1 hour, 1 day, or over maybe several days etc.
  4. What type of images to take? This will need some thought.
  5. Take the images.
  6. Prepare the contact sheets and annotate.
  7. Select the 6 to 12 images to submit.
  8. Review planning and work carried out as basis for the required 500 word analysis of the work.

I decided to crack on and find a map online which was pretty straight forward using Google. However defining the target area was a little more fiddly, but I got there in the end.

Square Mile Google Map My “Square Mile” (Google maps, no date)

Google maps (no date) Available at:,-0.7851477,15.75z (Accessed: 9 June 2016).
I plan to start my research into some practitioners to seek some inspiration tomorrow.