Assignment 1 Feedback

Tutor feedback for Assignment 1 – ‘Square Mile’ below:


So happy that my tutor thinks I have made a good start.

I do wish to have my work formally assessed as I plan to continue my studies towards the BA (Hons) Photography, so I would welcome any guidance that my tutor or any other fellow students may be able to provide.

I have read and absorbed all my tutor comments and advice, I will take these forward into the following assignments. I plan to keep an eye out in my ‘Square Mile’ to see if I can capture more complimentary images that can use to potentially rework this assignment into a more focused theme, to see if I can add the personal response that my tutor feels is absent from the images. I am not 100% sure how I will make this happen, but trying to adopt one of my tutors suggested themes may help to produce the desired result.

I will make the suggested changes to the R&R section of my learning blog, and I will try my best to utilise the Learning Log as the crucible for my creative ideas. However here lies my main problem. My background has been of a functional and technical nature for the majority of my life. My interest in photography has come to me late in life, and I have tried my best to attack the learning curve over the last three years. I believe I can produce a competent image, but I feel I lack a creative drive. I am hoping that this will develop and improve as this (and subsequent) course continue.

I welcome suggested reading, and I have bought ‘Behind the Image’ and will be working my way through it over the next few weeks. I also intend to read ‘Hotshoe’ as well as the ‘BJP’.

Going forward I am unsure how to incorporate my interests into my work. My love of photography is continually growing, but it lacks focus with regard to genre. Though I am drawn towards B&W, film noir and documentary photography. My other great love is board games, principally those with a strategic content, and I have amassed a great collection. Both my wife and I adore the gritty ‘Nordic Noir’ films and TV series. But I am unsure how to incorporate these interests into my work.


Tom Hunter

Tom Hunter’s “Brick Lane” project has a nostalgic documentary feel attempting to capture a fading way of life. His monochrome almost cyanotype treatment makes it feel older than it is. The colour certainly cools the mood of the image. Examination of the objects and detritus that litter the image show it to be modern. First impressions give the impression that this could be a garage sale or ad-hock market. But closer inspection show the objects to be damaged, broken, discarded or abandoned.

Brick Lane 1

(Tom Hunter, 1980\’s)

The graffiti only enhances the feeling of abandonment. The old man walking through could have probably walked this route all his life. Slowly watching it decay and deteriorate as time goes by. Those who experience change over a long period to time are less likely to be shocked or surprised than those who experience the results of of this long term change for the first time. It is my impression that the old saying “Familiarity breeds contempt” rings true here.


Brick Lane (1980\’s) Available at:  (Accessed: 17 July 2016).



Jodie Taylor

Jodie Taylor’s “Memories of Childhood” project attracts me the same way as Gawain Barnard’s “Boredom To Burn” project. Both explore the destructive nature of boredom experienced by the young. Outlets of frustration and anger at changes they experience both physically, mentally and socially. Drives to understand and explore the limits of the boundary’s laid down by school, parents and society in general. Pushing and experiencing the melancholy of resistance and learning to accept or rebel.

Jodie Taylor - Memories of Childhood 1

(Jodie Taylor, 2013)

The need to imprint or make ones mark on you surroundings has been something that has happened since man lived in caves. Who is Mad Mikey? Did he write this or was it someone else making a statement?


Photography and Nostalgia (2013) Available at: (Accessed: 17 July 2016).

JH Engström

The JH Engström image I have chosen is one from his series of images titled “Haunts“.

JH Engström - Haunts 2

(JH Engström, no date)

This series contains a variety of images some overtly sexual and I found it hard to determine the narrative. I started to comprehend some kind of link to memories, fantasies, places been and shared experiences. I was drawn to this particular image as its faded appearance suggested the past. A nondescript estate of flats that be anywhere in the world. The bottom half of the images scrubby muddiness suggested transit and much use. While the objects in the centre first appear to be a play area, but on closer examination seem unrelated and out of place.


VU, G. (no date) JH Engström series. Available at: (Accessed: 8 July 2016).


Gawain Barnard

The Gawain Barnard image I have chosen is one from his series of images titled “Boredom to Burn“.

(Gawain Barnard, no date)

This project reminded me of the kind of naughtiness that kids get up to when left to their own devices (like on school holidays), when playtime leads to boredom. Memories of my brother and I using a magnifying glass on a hot summer day to burn ants or grass came flooding back. We were never responsible for any large scale damage. The aftermath of a large burn can turn up and reveal all sorts of things hidden or lost in the grass over time. What drew me to this collection was the variety of subjects revealed, and for me in particular this hand saw. This picture for me generates questions such as:

  • Why a saw?
  • Who lost it?
  • When was it lost?
  • Was it looked for?

I find myself attracted to the odd and out of place and hence to this image.


Gawain Barnard (no date) Available at: (Accessed: 27 June 2016).


Keith Arnatt

The Keith Arnatt image I have chosen is one from his series of images titled “Miss Grace’s Lane“.

(Arnatt, 1986)

I was drawn to this image as it seems like any old piece of waste ground that I might find in my local area. The broken red racket immediately focuses my eye, which then progresses towards the sunlight shining on the hedge. From here  the path / track leads out of the picture left or right. You are presented with a decision on where to go, but for me my eye favours the broken ground  in the top right corner. For me a triangle of interest is formed between the racket, the sunlight and broken ground.


Arnatt, K. (1986) Miss Grace’s lane Available at: (Accessed: 27 June 2016).