Gawain Barnard

The Gawain Barnard image I have chosen is one from his series of images titled “Boredom to Burn“.

(Gawain Barnard, no date)

This project reminded me of the kind of naughtiness that kids get up to when left to their own devices (like on school holidays), when playtime leads to boredom. Memories of my brother and I using a magnifying glass on a hot summer day to burn ants or grass came flooding back. We were never responsible for any large scale damage. The aftermath of a large burn can turn up and reveal all sorts of things hidden or lost in the grass over time. What drew me to this collection was the variety of subjects revealed, and for me in particular this hand saw. This picture for me generates questions such as:

  • Why a saw?
  • Who lost it?
  • When was it lost?
  • Was it looked for?

I find myself attracted to the odd and out of place and hence to this image.


Gawain Barnard (no date) Available at: (Accessed: 27 June 2016).