Seeking influence and inspiration

I looked through the list of photographic artists provided as potential inspiration for the ‘Square Mile’ assignment and I was very much drawn to the some of the works of; Gawain Barnard, Keith Arnatt, JH Engstrom, Tom Hunter and Jody Taylor.

With this in mind I created a mood board on Pinterest of some of the images from projects of the above artists. My aim was to view the images together as a sort of oversized contact sheet to work out why I liked some more than others.

I plan to select an image from each of the photographers on my Pinterest Mood Board and try to explain why I like them.

Amber Online

While searching for some other inspirational material for the “Square Mile” Assignment I came across Amber Online.

To quote from the website:

Amber Online
Amber is a film & photography collective based in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North of England. Amber Films, Side Gallery and Cinema are all part of it.

• Over 28,000 photographs, 100 films – 400 individual stories and a single coherent narrative;

• A constantly growing body of work, documenting NE England and reaching beyond;

• Sustained for over 45 years – one of the most remarkable bodies of work in the history of documentary.

(Amber Online 2016, 2006)

This appears to be a great resource for images of North East England for many genres.


2016— (2006) Amber Online. Available at: (Accessed: 23 June 2016).