I am going to have to step back before I can move forward.

Deep sense of frustration and antipathy towards my photography and how it fits in with my studies.

Things are not working, and I am unable to find the decisive moments I need for Assignment 3. I feel like a rabbit who has gone down the wrong burrow. I need to retreat and explore an alternate route to get back on track.

Issues and events in my work and life are clearing giving me chance to refocus and work towards rekindling my studies in earnest.

2 thoughts on “Arrrrrrggghhhhhhhh

  1. I know this feeling! Rabbit burrows have many tunnels and different exits, so just pick another and try that one. No need to retreat, just take the next fork in the road. I am pleased that life is clearing a path for you, and I hope you find the inspiration you need. I think I uncleared my log jam once I had got Assignment 3 out of the way. I really struggled with it, and in taking it away from the norm, I got a chance to do what I wanted. Keep going!!


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