Is Procrastination The Thief Of Time?

Is Procrastination The Thief Of Time?

Is it procrastination when life takes hold?

  • Work
  • Family
  • Illness
  • Technical issues
  • Lack of inspiration
  • The blues
  • Power cuts
  • Shots not working how they should
  • Travel

More of a conspiracy than procrastination. What I have found since I started photography 4 years ago is that my creativity is not a natural thing, and that I do find it hard to be spontaneously creative. I lack that gift. My creativity and drive comes in spurts and hobbles along. My studies are a bit like a jigsaw puzzle, some days they fit together to work well and some days (more than I would like) they don’t.

I am envious of the:

  • Better organised student
  • Those who are better equipped (mentally)
  • The naturally creative

EVY is challenging, and I enjoy being challenged. I will get there in the end, but it will take me a lot longer than I envisioned. My tutor is great and so are all the fellow students I have met at study days or interacted with online. There will be many other students out there like me, which is reassuring that I am not alone. We will support one another and all get through.

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