Assignment 1 Feedback

Tutor feedback for Assignment 1 – ‘Square Mile’ below:


So happy that my tutor thinks I have made a good start.

I do wish to have my work formally assessed as I plan to continue my studies towards the BA (Hons) Photography, so I would welcome any guidance that my tutor or any other fellow students may be able to provide.

I have read and absorbed all my tutor comments and advice, I will take these forward into the following assignments. I plan to keep an eye out in my ‘Square Mile’ to see if I can capture more complimentary images that can use to potentially rework this assignment into a more focused theme, to see if I can add the personal response that my tutor feels is absent from the images. I am not 100% sure how I will make this happen, but trying to adopt one of my tutors suggested themes may help to produce the desired result.

I will make the suggested changes to the R&R section of my learning blog, and I will try my best to utilise the Learning Log as the crucible for my creative ideas. However here lies my main problem. My background has been of a functional and technical nature for the majority of my life. My interest in photography has come to me late in life, and I have tried my best to attack the learning curve over the last three years. I believe I can produce a competent image, but I feel I lack a creative drive. I am hoping that this will develop and improve as this (and subsequent) course continue.

I welcome suggested reading, and I have bought ‘Behind the Image’ and will be working my way through it over the next few weeks. I also intend to read ‘Hotshoe’ as well as the ‘BJP’.

Going forward I am unsure how to incorporate my interests into my work. My love of photography is continually growing, but it lacks focus with regard to genre. Though I am drawn towards B&W, film noir and documentary photography. My other great love is board games, principally those with a strategic content, and I have amassed a great collection. Both my wife and I adore the gritty ‘Nordic Noir’ films and TV series. But I am unsure how to incorporate these interests into my work.