Rain stops play …. for a bit

My intended Sunday wander around my square mile is delayed by rain, that horrible fine rain that gets in everywhere….

I am thinking that the rain might enhance some images, but as I am still a bit unsure as to how I want this assignment to run I think I am better utilising my energy more constructively.

Hopefully it will brighten up later. Therefore I will turn my attention today to doing some research and working on a study plan to cover the next few weeks.

It did stop raining and I did get out with my camera for a while (before starting again). I decided to explore the roads leading to the Shepherd Meadows Nature Reserve (via the railway foot crossing) and the reserve itself. The rain made everything feel fresh and it made for an enjoyable walk.

However I have yet to review my images taken today as I got wrapped up sorting out images I had taken at at family event on Saturday. I think I may explore some other parts and review the images as a whole. I have an idea of what I want my set of images to be based around, “the out of place and damaged“. There were a few of things that caught my eye, a traffic cone in the middle of a meadow, a wooden fence that had been partially burnt and a life belt in the water on the lake. I want to see if I can build on these to make a set that works.


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